Smoke oil excess

The slight downside to using the smoke is that it doesn’t quite burn everything… I’ve been using a setting of 1.5 turns on the mixture and the first time the smoke density was really full but left quote a lot of wet on the underside afterwards

Because of where the exhaust stacks end and the associated airflow around the body and rear wards.. the underside gets a film from the wing trailing edge backwards

It wipes off really easily but the undercarriage is also smack in line as well and the leather boots around the bungees catch quite a bit

I’m going to try a slightly different mixture setting.. say 1.4 .. then 1.3 but I also think I need to test this in different ambient temps as well .. last test it actually rained so not a great day for testing!

Also .. I’ve invested in a slightly retro looking can to hold a small amount of smoke oil on site .. prob holds about 3 mins worth so around 3/4 of a tank

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