Ariel orientation

Trying to figure a neat balance shape in the air.

The problem with a single, slow flying biplane … is you most definitely cannot be in 2 places at once … and for a smoke shaped Heart it’s handy to have 2 aircraft emitting … in sequence

This first attempt … I choreographed inside the cockpit .. figuring if I did it INTO wind .. then the drift wouldn’t make it lopsided … so smoke on and started at the ‘top’ of the heart .. pulling right and down BUT opening up the turn .. so it made he longer side of the heart vs a circle

Then, when you ‘think’ you are at the bottom … heave your head around …tricky in a full harness … and see if you can see where the initial smoke turn banked away ….now SMOKE OFF and belt back up the centre vertical of the heart to that start point … and then peel off to bank the other way …remembering to turn the SMOKE ON !

With credit to my very good friend Pam for capturing some great video footage from St Ouens Bay.. looking back towards the airport overhead…

Looks like I stopped the smoke fractionally early at the foot of the heart ❤

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