Squeaky brakes

Been having a few squeaky brakes recently so popped in this evening to polish the wings and body down and get the covers on from last week and take a few minutes strapping the main gear together to jack up and have a quick check

Its this sort of easy self do maintenance job that makes owning something like this such a pleasure

It took about 5 minutes to tie the legs (preventing a Bambi !) And then about 1 minute to clean the nut and remove the wheel

First one had no brake dust and was nicely greased so cleaned it all up anyway and regressed and popped the wheel back on

Second one.. port.. looked just the same .. clean as a whistle but .. when I tried to pull the spacer off for cleaning and regressing it didn’t move…

I didn’t want to force and was running out of light in the hangar so did it all back up and will nip back to free it .. investigate and clean and regressed

Possibly explains the graunch noise as brakes bite .. when the hub is against a non moving collar

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  1. David, have you got a spacer collar between the bearings in the wheel, if not, the pressure from the axle nut will cause the bearing against the collar to over heat on a long taxi, which can not only cause the spacer to dry out and stick to the shaft, but will also cause premature wear on the bearing track, which will be noticeable by a squeak of the brake as the shoes force the bearing to ‘re align itself to the brake drum diameter.
    If you have got a spacer in there, check that the length required is correct.
    The internal spacer needs to be long enough to separate the two bearings without inducing any side load on the bearings, if it is too short, it will give a similar result as not having one, but will often take longer to manifest itself.
    I understand that you have had problems with wheel bearings in the past, which leaves me wondering about the compression spacer length if there is one fitted.
    Hope this helps.
    Kind Regards

  2. Cheers Nigel
    Excellent to have such good advice do quickly… yes .. the spacer was replaced along with bearings and hub earlier..
    Will def pop it on the axle stand again and extract it and check length .. ironically I found the previous spacer in a drawer at home yesterday.. so will have a reference point
    As you say .. it can take a.while but … the taxiing at Jersey can be nearly a mile sometimes… vs a.short grass strip.pull on !

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