Flying in ever changing conditions

Flying in ever.changing conditions in Jersey

A day I hadn’t planned to fly as fog covered most of the airport and surroundings … then .. whilst outside doing some tinkering .. it suddenly opened a small blue gap …. jumped in .. started up … called the tower … and was off for what I had hoped would be a few evening circuits …

As I lined up … the tower held me as the viz had dropped at the far end of the runway … then back up … took off in clear and then went ‘on top’ half way down the runway !
On positioning wide behind the landing EasyJet .. the tower lost sight of me as they were enclosed in fog as I taxied in ..

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  1. Hi David, excellent camera angle, I’m guessing the wind was straight down the runway, as you weren’t doing the rudder dance on the pedals,
    Is the Ranger tame for a tail dragger, a bit like a Cub, or does it have its own little quirks.
    Kind Regards

  2. Hi Nigel .. yes it was pretty straight that day … compared to something like the Stampe it’s quite similar .. although could def do with more power
    Handling is a dream .. I’ve videoed a few times hands and feet off and she flies along S and L quite happily .. and that is with no trim tab..

    She will lift a wing .. like any biplane .. if you come in a little fast and try to put her down … and of course aileron ain’t any use at that point

    One of the early checks you conduct .. just after wings are fixed is to put a piece of string between leading edge of one elevator to the trailing edge of the corresponding lower wing…. you are allowed approx 50mm of differential (when measuring Left and the Right) … 50mm ! Seems a huge differential to me …

    I was about 2mm difference 🙂

    I really need to slow my landings down tho … I tend to come in around 60 then 50 over the threshold the down to around 45 … in reality most of those numbers could lose 10 … as she still flies even at 35 … I guess it depends if you have an A320 up your rear …

    1. Years ago, I learnt a saying, “If it’s set right, it flies right”.
      Do you have any off set, or down thrust on the motor mount to counter torque at cruise, if so, it sounds like it’s spot on.
      I’m surprised at 50 mm allowance, on most aircraft that would seriously upset the handling.
      Coming in fast is not a bad thing, there’s plenty of runway to keep her flying until she touches down in her own good time,
      Kind Regards

  3. Yes the engine frame is set to provide down and side .. the engine is only 85hp but at an empty weight of just 256Kg the tail is up in seconds
    I used to hardly use much rudder in the PA28s I usually fly but starting biplanes with the Stampe and now the Sherwood teaches you much better techniques … and also makes you very aware of what the wind is doing .. I even ask for wind checks on taxiing around for fuel … I topped her up the other day and we have to taxy around to the fuel farm now as they won’t fuel at the club anymore …. i asked for a wind check just as I got abeam the tower as it was quite strong from the South …. turns out it was gusting around 18 … that would really want to make her weathercock around if you weren’t ready for it …
    My boys all can fly her … they haven’t got licences yet … but it’s great to see them pull off a good approach and round out into ground effect and then …as you say … let her land rather than force …

  4. Good morning! I’m wondering if you can help me? I’ve just started building and have a few questions I’d like to ask you and wondered if we’d be able to chat? I haven’t been able to find any builders forums but did come across your posts.

  5. Hi David, just wondering what type and grade of engine mount bushes you’re using, and whether you get any airframe vibration ?.

  6. I use the standard Jabiru ones … I noticed that the rubber is quite firm and now after 8 years in situ and 4 years of flying showing a few hairline marks.. so have a full set of 8 .. 4 inner and 4 outer replacement ones to pop in sometime… need to see if its just a slight move or engine out job

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