Dads funeral fly by

Sad day this week … Monday 11th was Dads funeral ..

As Dad was THE one who got me so into all things aviation it seemed a fitting thing to have both a ground and airborne tribute to him …

Positioned the ’plane from Priory Farm to Rougham having emailed fhem a few days ago to request permission to land and then return for the funeral fly by.

The day didnt start well as my Trig radio …. that hadnt missed a beat in 5 years of flying … decided to pop a message saying ”No radio” … i tried the usual off and on and even a quick circuit but no luck … i called the boys to catch them to drop by with the Icom handheld … this didnt work too well on readability at Rougham but got me in

later investigation and , in the fading light, i could see that the second radio head, in the front cockpit wasnt illuminated … traced it to a bad connector that probably got disturbed when i did the annual

Returned a couple of days later and stripped each heat sealed cover and re crimped

Video of footage from Rougham strip on the short trip over to Bury St Edmunds

3 thoughts on “Dads funeral fly by

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  1. Your dad molded you into the man you are today, he may rest in peace knowing how successful he was.
    Please accept our condolences on your loss.
    If you feel a tugging on your shirt tail, it’s your dad instructing you to change direction.
    Blue skies David, your dad would want you to keep flying, and keep smiling.

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