Keeping your hand in … whilst waiting for engine upgrade

My engine has been a while having its hydraulic lifter valves converted to solid lifters apart from a number of PA28 trips to Jersey and back I’ve had very little biplane action !

Paul at TLAC v kindly said we could blow the dust off G-TLAC and keep my hand in ..

With one of my sons now working at TLAC and also part way through his PPL he was also very keen to get an eye on flying this fantastic little aircraft in and around tight grass strips vs the large controlled airspace of Jersey International Airport that we are both so used to !

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  1. Hi and thanks for the question … my engine was in for a checkover … now in the UK so easier access to specialists … and they said they could change the hydraulic lifter to solid .. which would be much better … unfortunately we also opted to improve valves and bores and rings and many of these items are in short supply given last 2 years issues …

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