Think before you clean

The poor old girl does need a really proper clean

Months sitting in the hanger waiting for the engine … then leaving it with no covers on .. needs a good hoover out .. other vacuum cleaners are available ! And deeper surface clean and then polish

All this focus on engine and bits for the annual ….and then, when the engine did a classic ‘dog fight’ on me yesterday … covering the screen with oil spatters as the cowls were off … I picked up a can of de greaser and a rag

Fatal …..

In the heat of the moment … I didn’t check the tin …

As soon as I pressed the spray the screen section went completely opaque !

Brake cleaner and Perspex DO NOT mix well 😔

New screen from stores … not bad at under £40 … will take about 40 mins to fit with those very very small Allen bolts and washers but be like glass once in

Live and learn … don’t do anything in a hurry …😊

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