Jabiru .. oil flow to the rockers

Having had the much improved refurb of the engine it looks like we have too much oil getting into the rocker boxes … it’s good to have them lubed …but not over lubed

The pipes from the sump route oil up to the rocker boxes and it then drains back down the alloy pushrod tubes …

If the feed is too great then 5e exit back down into the sump can’t keep up … so the rockers fill and, eventually, it reaches the old vent drilled hole that allows venting to the head fins

To confirm all this I’ve now got use of a converted rocker box head … that has had the centre cut out and a glass inspection panel sealed in place. This will allow us to run up to speed and eyeball exactly what is happening

If we find the oil supply is too great … then it’s probably a simple switchover of the oil feed pipes … it seems the ones in place now are high capacity feed

Update .. late September … looks like it might have been user error. I replaced the oil cooler matrix with a new slightly larger one … and, on refilling with oil, I was over generous allowing for the new EMPTY matrix … by about 750ml ! This had nowhere to go .. except out through the breathers …lesson learned 😊

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