Mixing it with Reds

I think this was from around the 2017 Jersey air Display … the pre practice for the display was on the Wednesday and it was pretty awful weather … low cloud and rain persisted most of the morning .. so getting up in the Sherwood to do my approval runs was going to be fun..

Eventually got airborne and managed to get about 5 minutes of 250’ passes in front of the Squadron Leader checking and approving displays ahead of the Thursday display

Pulled out of the display box as the base came down to around 600’ ..but areas were starting to look like 500’ which would make it below IMC limits

Just as I completed the downwind leg I was told to hold at Corbiere (lighthouse) .. at least the runway threshold was (mostly) visible from there … if not .. the beach was an easy ‘base leg’ visual

Then .. the reason for the hold became obvious … “Red 1…clear to land .. runway 08 … wet wet wet … “ … oh dear .. I was going to probably be no 11 to land !

As it was pretty claggy all around the CI zone the Reds were coming in in 2’s and 3’s anyway …. So … mid group .. I was cleared to roll out .. having now got pretty wet in the open cockpit .. to land after the first wave

‘Nipped’ to final … mustering my full 60 or so against the wind and drizzle …and flared out to touch part way down the runway for a quick turn off vs a long slow (wet) taxy

The first wave of Reds were taxying back up from the end to park around at Gama aviation on the South side of the airfield and one of them said … “is that a Ranger I see just taxying in?” … Wow … a Red actually not only talking to me BUT recognises the type …

It turned out to be the one and only Mike Ling .. probably one of the most prolific Red pilots in terms of tours

It’s traditional the evening after the flying display on the Thursday to have a meeting of support teams, groups and pilots at the Governors house in town .. and Mike was very kind to have a long chat about the home built and say just how much the whole team are interested in all types of aviation

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