First Inspection ….

Today was my first proper inspection. Bob duly popped around on what was a fairly traumatic day in Jersey with an early morning crash of a Cessna into the bay in St Ouen’s in thick (typical) Jersey fog.

The 14 or so checkpoints outstanding could be reduced by up to 3 perhaps 4 !!

Bob checked

  • Elevator – fittings, finish, accuracy
  • Rudder – ditto
  • Tailplane – ditto

All checked out OK with a couple of comments and advice. One, which applies to all fittings, at least 2 threads should be showing beyond nylocs – my currently untightened bolts for the rigging will do this once tension is taken up and excess washers removed.

Bob also noted that there was no counter balance weight on the rudder, noting that some similar models and Pipers etc have a weight in the top of the rudder in the forward overhang as this adds stability and potentially prevents rudder flutter.

Double checked with Paul at TLAC and this wont be needed but good to check and get advice and input.

Now I can crack on with rigging and cabling and top decking.

Thoughts are with family and friends of N289CW

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