Rigging Tail

Sam riggingFerrule 2Last night was a fun packed session of tightening all the rigging at the tail. The Tail is supported by 8 rigging cables. Two on top at each side (supporting Fin to Tailplane) and two underneath at each side (tailplane to body)

The cables had been pre prepared, swaged at one end and each tang packed with 3-4 washers so that you have some adjustment once you have swaged the other end of the cable to length.
To assist in this process you have to place 5Kg of weights on the tips, check for level and true all the time and get the cables to have a dull twang when completed.
As the manual points out the effect of bringing these all up to tension gives you a fully closed loop effect. So tightening one affects all the others.

An evening of depression and elation followed as it all looked good, then went apparently slack, then went taught again as we successively did opposite support wires.
Rigging taught
Great job in the end as the whole thing began to settle as washers were removed to just tighten it all up.

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