Carb heat unit

Having flown for over 20 years in and around Jersey and its neighbouring French coast you get used to checking for (and finding) Carb icing.

Paul at TLAC has access to a neat little unit that bolts onto the side body of the carb and has two switches, one for a single element and a second to boost.

Carb heater

Just need to drill out the holes to 11mm deep and the right diameter to prepare to accept an M4 reamer tap. Checking with Paul on pre drill size as once you have drilled the carb body … Thats it !!

The carb was relatively easy to get off – the engine is unused but around 5 years old, so the fuel pipe was fairly tricky to get off …. NOTE to SELF – What frequency before fuel pipes should be replaced (even unused ones will age harden I guess ?)

Update 6 Jan 2014 – Bob from CIAS has advised pipes are OK … so good news

I have now pre drilled the carb body with 1/8″ drill – well 3.2mm as no one on the planet sells imperial anymore !


The holes are drilled to a depth of 11mm (he said carefully mixing his standards !) and then tapped. Havent tapped since I was at school ! – turn, cut and then back to break the cut …. a couple of minutes later all done and nicely bolted up.

Carb heat

Can go back on the engine and start to run the wires. Just started a hardboard mockup of the dashboard so will locate the two heater unit switches and tell tale lights in a suitable place.

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