First use of Rivnut for seat brackets

Last night I used the Rivnut adaptor for the first time. This was to make blind nut fittings for the seat bases so that they can be easily removed and refitted if required post covering.

Took a couple of goes to work out just how the nose adaptor on the rivet gun worked but easy once the first one was done.


I made a small mistake on one of the holes and made it fractionally too large so when the rivnut was tightened it didnt sit flush and part of the rim was depressed into the bracket – so the whole bracket was trashed and a new one made up.

(Later note – the rotating head of the gun means that you can also use it in confined spaces .. like the cockpit – as the squeeze action of the levers is transferred to a ‘pull’ action on the rivnut but through 90 degrees .. neat device and not too expensive)

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