Henstridge – Sunday 16th December – Kevin Crumplin

Flew to Henstridge on Sunday to pick up a puppy for a friend (using a local PA28). Forecast was grot, then Jersey changed their mind and said it wasnt going to be too bad after all ! Bournmouth were giving broken at 1000 so took off. 1 Hour later Henstridge was BKN at 300′ ! but managed to get in safely.

Popped across the other side of the runway to see a genuinly nice gentleman of aviation (Kevin Crumplin). Could spend days with Kevin and still only pick up a fraction of his expertise. He was busy doping some part of a ‘plane and was happy to talk about his incredible feat of rebuilding 3 Tigers simultaneously !

The wing repair of the Jungmann was just incredible to see a true work of art. The centre rib carved out and the internal wire cross bracing – just amazing.

Got a few snaps of Kevin’s Sherwood which were really handy to see … see he has gone for the additional storage I had considered (in the headrest) and, as Kevin says, everyone who flies the Sherwood says it is such a beautifully balanced aircraft !

kevin crumplin internal  Head storage

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