Wing and Cabane Leading edge

Leading edge is formed from slightly stiffer 1.2mm plywood. Years ago, when I used to build the odd model ‘plane here and there we used to pre soak ply to ease the bending so asked Kevin Crumplin on this when I saw him in Henstridge just before Christmas. Absolutely was the reply ! – a pond or bath would do !

LE Bath

Soaked the first of 13 pieces in the bath last night – this section will form the cabane leading edge. Once cabane is done I can get it fitted back onto the body and plan to test fit the top wings.

I made up a small jig to hold the now very wet and partly formed leading edge in position for 48 hours to let it throughly dry … the small strip inside the foot of the jig is to push what effectively will be the leading edge in to form a tighter curve … this took a few goes to get the jig right to effectively ‘over bend’ the curve … this means when it’s dried you get a springy BUT grippy leading edge .. which makes subsequent clamping whilst glueing a very easy affair

As you can see – with a bit of ingenuity – rubber bands and a chair of just the right weith to hold but not squash … This morning its dry and pretty much fully formed so should be much simpler to hold around the profiled leading edge whilst the Aerolite glue takes.

LE Bending

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