Jury strut

Busy weekend flying through Caen(for customs) then on to Paris (Toussus) … manicly busy with both runways active .. nice formation take offs and both turning right into an ever busy circuit with people joining at the same time … drop dead weather though once above the fluffy white stuff !

Jersey does look stunning on the way back – La Rocque harbour (S/E corner)

La Rocque

Managed to get the first upright of a Jury strut completed and breaking to allow removal. Second one now done. Not happy with the light alloy lower bracing bracket I’ve made … it cuts and shapes easily but is simply far too thin … will pick up some beefier alloy today and use the one I have created as a template.

Jury 2 in place  Jury 1. in placejpg

Propped starboard wing to prepare for removal of strut to allow the spar bolt to be drilled through.

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