Started wing bracing wires

There are a lot of things coming together at this time with the wings bracing, struts and jurys and webs and hinging and drilling etc


The wing drill kit (a set of tailored extended drills and reamers and guides have been sent over by Paul and Ivor from TLAC and having walked them through with the words in front of me it helped a million times going through it with Paul on the phone then my resident engineering expert Mike Fleming. He obviously speaks pur ‘Paul/TLAC’ language and had it all sussed in minutes …


We will walk through again prior to actually drilling but Mike has offered to be on hand on the day we finally cut !

In prep for this we need the wing bracing wires loosely fitted and ready to tighten.

wires 1    wires 2

These added reminds me very much of the Stampe days (G-AYCK) that I flew so much … immaculately maintained steel wires and used to whistle in a dive in flight … great stuff !

Just waiting a few more thimbles and I can do up both ends and then take up the slack with the turnbuckles

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