TLAC open day – Saturday 5th July

What a fantastic show the TLAC team put on … Great company, great food – crackling to die for ! – and a biplane to light up any dull summer day !!

Clearly a lot of effort and attention to detail had gone into the planning and it certainly showed with everyone smiling the whole day through .. Those lucky enough to get up in the Sherwood had an even bigger smile 😄

With my ‘soon’ (hopefully this year) first test flight of my Sherwood I managed to get another flight in with the skilful and genuinely nice chap James … Very kindly gave me it 6″ off the ground so I could refresh my memory of those beautifully balanced and smooth controls. Some lovely banked turn to turn orbits followed by a nice quick approach to he small grass strip. Felt too high so side slipped a bit but wasn’t needed as we rounded out nicely just above the threshold …. Checked and floated along … Then James took her and did a James circuit as only he can …. Fantastic creamer wheeled landing

Many thanks to Paul, Ivor, James, Alastair, Bob and all who took so much trouble to answer my umpteen minuscule questions and hold bits for the photo book … With a support team like this .. Why wouldn’t you build such an amazing ‘plane !

Lots of very close detail photos of the wing fittings to help me refine mine.

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