Port rear wing mounting bolt drilling

Early trip into the barn this morning – to keep things ticking over – and separated the Port pair of wings away from the fuselage (to gain working space for driling the wing roots). Supported them on trestles.

These were so much easier to move than the starboard ones as I had properly secured the cross wire rigging. This makes the pair act much more like a single unit if being moved. YOU MUST still be very carfeful with any movement so you don’t invoke a twist of any kind. To be fare – the instructions do say to rig first – I had rigged one end and cable tied the other to give me later playing movement. In practice its better to rig it and tighten on turnbuckles as that makes the whole thing much more manageable.

Using the new cut down Boss on the top and Pauls/TLAC one on the bottom – drilled the rears through in minutes


Port wing rear bracket 1  Port wing rear bracket 2 You can see the alignment pin just poking through prior to clamping in position

Finished check that bolt slips in easily

Port wing rear bracket 3

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