Replacement wing access panels

Paul sent me the new access panels so got these cut out last night ..

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  1. Hi David,
    the allen keys you need for the Jabiru are all imperial ie; 5/32″ , 3/16″ ,1/4″ and 5/16″ its nice to have a set of t bar handle ones when you check thing like rocker covers and dizzy caps.
    Hope all is well

    1. James .. many thanks for the feedback – really appreciate your valuable (expert) input. Yes, will make sure I have a set of the T bars … I was expecting them to be quite tough to loosen but not bad at all … and once all was loosened, the exhaust simply slipped into position ! I found I had to cut a small access hole in the lower cowl as it was preventing the lower seating high enough. I will fibreglass a small bubble intake around it. New (replacement) top pretty much trimmed now .. so once final trimming takes place I can look to get it painted. Pushing with getting engine bits so I can wire up and get a run in soon ! Then Trig is all up Radio and Transponder for CI Airspace
      Many thanks again … may book an hour or two with you soon for touch and go’s if that’s ok .. to bolster my case to the LAA for first solo !

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