Re rigging

Because of all the little moves here and there and pulling and adjusting of wings I need to re-rig the whole aircraft – back to how it was in the first barn. In first setup – the floor was level and the whole aircraft was trimmed out to set a good base point.

The wings were then fitted and checked using pre cut/shaped dihedral and pitch boards. These have been retained and so I plan to:

  • Get the ‘plane out of the barn
  • Set level fore and aft and laterally
  • Ensure the Jury struts are secured and in place
  • Slacken and remove the turnbuckles/rigging
  • Possibly Remove the top wings – consider this as they may simply stay in place attached to the strut
  • Re-check and set dihedral for lower wings (3 degrees)
  • Re-check and set the upper wing dihedral (1 degree)
  • Then reapply slack rigging to all 4 locations and slowly tighten up
  • (I suspect one of my cables to be too short – but this process will out whichever !)


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