Painting Prep – Top deck

I have rubbed down as much as I can ahead of the professional paint guys getting a hold of the body and doing it properly and more skillfully … I just love seeing the pre spray result all matted down and immaculate !

Anyway, I know I have to make a hole in that lovely shaped top cowl for the dipstick inspection pre every flight. But, can I bring myself to make that really nice flap that TLAC made ? Having already knackd (an aeronautical technical expression – meaning to work very late one night ‘thinking’ you are doing a good job, but actually to be taking too much off the edge of the cowl in the wrong places) one top cowl, I am definitely NOT going to risk messing this one up.

So, brain wave … whilst ordering my Demon Tweeks aeroquip bits I looked at their nice flat alloy petrol cap covers. These are very flush fitting and have a sunken ring of mounting bolts. Having measured and checked, I have ordered one large enouth to allow even fat fingers to get in and unscrew the dipstick and you then have a nice flush, alloy, turn / lock.

Will add a picture once fitted and get it sorted ahead of imminent top deck painting.

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