Smoke on ……. Go … (Part 1)

Kit arrived from Smokin Airplanes … wow … what a fantastic top quality kit it is …

Everything very neatly and securely boxed up. All the pipes finished and cut o length with appropriate bushes and ends in place. Very very clear instructions and a very neat end to end connection system that simply leaves you drilling a hole through the bulkhead, securing the anodised T bar which then splits off two braided feeder tubes. The end of the feeder tubes have atomiser spray heads that cloud the oil into the top end of the exhaust.


The tank, I went for the smallest they do, looks like it could withstand an atomic bomb .. very sturdy with loads of pre fitted rivnut style fixings to cater for however you may wish to mount it or its associated pump.

20150422_224223  20150422_224251

The pump, well that also looks built to last a million years. One concern I had was it felt quite heavy but I quickly decided to reverse my planned install and instead of the pump installed next to the tank and ‘pushing’ – I am going to flip ends and have it on the bulkhead and ‘pulling’. Quick email to Scott in the US and he said lots of people do that so no problem !


Next plan is to trim down the light dural I have (from Marin Fabrications – Many thanks Ray for sorting so quickly) and make a small supported shelf behind P1, light and secured – must withstand 9G according to LAA rules !

Also, went for the remote fill option .. don’t want to be sloshing diesel around .. I plan to put this small screw cap into a ply surround and mount just next to the pilot head bubble.


Watch this space !!!

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