Weight and Balance and C of G – Late night weigh in :-)

After all that covering .. time to re-weigh and see where it all settles out in terms of weight and balance.

Got 125Kg on each wheel and 10Kg on the tail. So all up it’s not looking too heavy.

pic 1  pic 2

EMPTY – well allowing for me as a 75Kg Pilot sitting in P1 AND with a tank of say 40 litres of fuel the CofG comes out at 185cm from my datum (rear of the prop flange) ..the TLAC stated CofG is between 180 and 190 from that point ! so smack on midway ….

pic 1

Trouble is life isn’t that simple and you need to cater for the normal ‘flight operating window’ ie taking off with a load of fuel that then burns and changes the CofG

The ‘trick’ now is to use the LAA template to work out the worst case forward and worst case rearward CofG points. If fuel is burned off to say 1/3 of the tank the CofG moves rearwards by about 10-12 cm ..I am going to cross check this with Paul to make sure my figs /maths are correct as ideally i do not wish to put a chunk of ballast in the nose 🙂

Luckily the P2 – Passenger is pretty much dead on the CofG so doesn’t majorly affect the balance point.

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