29th Feb – First engine run

The day arrived ! having had an aborted (flat battery) attempt at turning the Jab 2200 over the Monday brought a nice fully charged battery, a tank with some nice fresh Avgas in and a bunch of eager bodies around to help.

SWAB was duly pulled out and the wings opened … Must get those retainers fitted to the top so it can be a single man job again .. Since the chunky spring retainers went in you can’t do it single handed .. But boy are they secure

Chris Winch and I tied two large concrete blocks to the lower tail end and two large chicks were put in the wheels. Extinguisher and hose were put ready and then I climbed in .. Only he third time I have sat in .. Superstitious or something ?!

Brakes on, throttle set all the way back and a small notch open, fuel on, choke on, carb heat on, mags on … CLEAR PROP and press the button …..

Two turns then absolutely burst into life …. So much life though … Realised it was a lot more than tick over so my right hand, which had been resting over the mags, pushed both down and it stopped immediately …

Turns out the Jab throttle seems to operate the ‘other’ way … I haven’t seen anything in the manual but had assumed (yes I know that means an ass out of you and me !) it opened up to full throttle against the (return) spring …. It doesn’t … So tick over was actually FULL throttle. It ran for about 4 seconds before I hit stop

havung investigated with the collective engineers we decided I should push full forward on the throttle and pull back a noth .. Second start .. Perfect .. Ticked over .. A bit rich .. Found the choke cable was catching on the carb flange …

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