29th Feb – Second engine run

The second engine run .. Of about 5 mins was a much more controlled and pleasant affair !!

explored a bit more of the range .. Very small movement invoked the most amazing amount of thrust … Boy this hung is going to go ….

I ran her up to about 60% .. Once I had some warmth in ….

image   image

I could then hear the zing of the prop as the sound echoed around of the hangar walls .. She sounded just like a REAL aeroplane … Just absolutely purred …. Back to slow running which was clearly ‘hunting’ .. That is the choke not closing properly .. Part now ordered from Sky Craft to peg this properly

I could then see that the multi engine monitor unit I had indicated that a warning in the Port CHT .. No reading so looks like maybe a bad connection … RPM was varying between -300 and plus +800 … This was located to my incorrect initial setting of the RPM defaults … Spotted I had left the default of 6 pulses per revolution when the Jab only has two nuts that pass the tacho ! Now reset will check on next run

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