Next tests

We then moved into a period of F7-8-9 gales in Jersey which didn’t make me feel inclined to pull the ‘plane out for further engine running

next steps will be to repeat and fine tune the engine monitor .. Check for any leaks as she picks up temperature and rev range

Then, with the aid of a couple of wing walkers, check the brakes and general handling in terms of steering and taxiing …

Once I have about an hour of ground run on the engine … I can start to plan a few evenings covering the sides and getting the reg on … The radio clipped in and a test call to the tower to make sure my ground plane all connected up nicely.

The TRIG transponder and radio need to be ordered soon as well as Jersey don’t really approve on non transponder due to the nature of commercial traffic. Les, the SATCO, has been brilliant but I don’t want to push my boundaries !

April could definitely bring a spring to the air … In more than one sense !!

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