Another ground test and wash

Yesterday saw a very productive session whilst I await radio and transponder arrival.

Months of barn and hanger residency has meant a build up of grime and dust and dead fly bits all over the Oratex … Being bright yellow it looks great anyway .. Until you wash one panel and dry it .. Then it bounces back to that lovely smooth clear soft supple finish !

imageimageWashed the whole aircraft and she is now gleaming again …..

This did give me a chance to go over all the ironing bits again and I noticed a few places where ironing the doubler pinked strip down had not taken as well as it could. I remember at the time that I didn’t want to ‘drag’ across the pinked edge as the heat could distort the points …. So it was more of an action at 90 degrees so that the points of the pinking all held their shape. Now I could see that some bits were just standing proud. Small shoe iron back on (thanks to Danny B for helping me source this .. It’s been fantastic and pretty much completed the entire aircraft just with that !) .. And at about 145 degrees and it all seals down nicely.

Then I re checked the connections for the EGT and CHT as these had played up on the Infinity. First of 3 engine runs got one of them working … Realised that I needed to re check the set points and thresholds for them. By the 3rd run I had 2 x EGT working on a scan basis and 1 x CHT .. The other CHT just has a flashing arrow pointing down … Either it’s a bad connection or a duff sensor. Will follow it all through to check.

having now removed the standard Jabiru RPM and spliced int the charging circuit in my ‘hunt’ to get an RPM reading on the gauge I find I still can’t get a reading. Checking with Danny to see what I’ve missed … Last part in this wiring puzzle … It’s not my strongest point but hey .. Nearly there 😄

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