My original taxi checks had proved interesting as what had seems like good brakes turned out to be quite soggy !

Mike and I had a look and tightened up a few parts so they became much more firm and solid affair.

So these were re tested today. Took the checks away and started her up .. She start so sweetly … First turn every time !

Then waited for the relatively busy area outside the Jersey Aero Club to settle …this area is a strip of Tarmac in front other hangers quite short and quite narrow … Should be a good test and if it all goes to pot .. Just shut down .. Jump out and turn her by hand.

i should not have worried  … I temporarily disconnected the steerable Tailwheel to leave her castoring and, with differential brakes, she nipped up and down .. With careful but beautifully tight right hand turns. The Stampe used to react quite positively to blips of throttle but I don’t want to use too much in such a confined space with about 8 aircraft all around.

Spent a very happy 20 minutes going up and down and around to the left then around to the right .. All turning in her own length ! great .. And I feel so much more confident now about popping into the active taxiway at Jersey … Don’t fancy holding up and Easyjet of BA airbus whilst I ground loop ?!

At the end of 20 mins I stopped as I could hear a graunching sound .. Turned out to be hot brakes ! but hey it had been on them the whole time against power … Very pleased with the result !

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