Inspector – pre LAA paper sign off

Bob .. My local inspector .. Did the final full pre check with me a couple of weeks ago

He was very thorough .. Of course … And it did feel like an end of school .. See me later moment ! But just like your IMC renewal .. We treated it as a big exercise in engineering … Explaining the background to why he might pick certain things up and why not.

in general he was very happy with what had been done and very complimentary which was mildly embarrassing ! But a nice feeling when ‘cross professions’ meet and compliment 😃

There were, of course, some items to review.

  • He wasn’t happy with 2 or 3 wing rigging cables .. They were nice and tight but the number of threads showing were a little too many
  • This caused some discussion later with another local engineer which was fascinating and informative .. How many threads is enough !? .. One theory is that the diameter of the thread and the nut it’s going into have a proportionality .. Ie once it starts to bite .. 4 full turns and you have gained maximum connection strength .. After that the shear strength will not be enhanced by further turns …. I guess the difference here is that a turnbuckle has a deeper body than a nut so naturally holds more thread BUT I guess the ‘mechanics’ STILL dictate that the weak point – once threaded in by however much- is still that the bolt / thread will shear irrespective of how far in the body it is ! ?
  • Is t engineering amazing ! why isn’t it mandatory on all school syllabuses !!!!
  • Anyway .. Cos the Boss wasn’t happy they were replaced .. He was quite right as was PHS .. Don’t want to become a statistic in GASCO !
  • He also noted that a couple of the 9 aileron bolts were a bit long and could be shorter .. Not impeding but did look long when you step back and compare .. One also just made it to the nyloc so was just too short – easy fix
  • i had left the split pins out of the rudder as I had intended to remove it again .. But once up at the airport I felt loads of rigging and de rigging was educational but not conducive to letting her ‘settle’ and I had missed putting them back in before he inspected ! Rooky error !

That was pretty much it so not too much to tidy before the letter can go to the LAA

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