So why the gap …

So close to finishing and yet work has managed to got through the roof along with what I call normal flying !

At work we have what is called a Management Buy Out which basically means that the years of frustration trying to get funding for big or small business change projects and programmes suddenly disappear and you can do all those exciting meaningful add value projects and get the resource to do it .. Means a very busy three years but hey .. Better than being bored …

The other, nicer part is that because I spent over 6 heads working for the government out here I met and now know loads of people in all sorts of roles … From our Chief Minister (equiv of Prime Minister) through all he various ministries and departments.

This means I get asked if I can pop various politicians over to various French locations for political meetings and events. The recent Somme commemorations saw a contingent from Guernsey and Jersey, various Heads of government needing to be picked up and ferried to Abbeville and Caen and Cherbourg and back. All this in a week where we generally had BKN below 100 .. Made for some interesting and challenging flying … Did about 15 hours flying last month, including a business hop to Luxembourg .. Long way in a PA28 ! And around 5 hours IMC .. Which is all good practice for Jersey approaches !

Have managed to secure the ability to work late at night in the hangar which is great for big catch up completions ….. To follow in blog ….

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