Cool running Part II

Saturday 22nd

Another clear day , temp about 10′ and as per usual around 7-8 knots varying NE/E

Start up fine again and the 7-8 mins to get oil up to around 35′ so good to start the taxi as it’s the opposite end of the runway for 08 from the aero club

Brakes holding well now on power checks .. Was creeping a little before .. Maybe the newish pads are bedding in.


Had put my go pro on for this flight .. Other flights I had attempted to do his but pressed wrong button first time ! Doh ! Then flat battery second time … This one split the overall flight into 3 sections and it’s great stuff to look at and LEARN !

Will try to get the files uploaded over our desperately slow internet !

One biggish circuit showed temps were fine and handling lovely as I could open the power up now and not have over heating problems


Opted to turn back over the 08 approach and go for the first powered climb test. I won’t be logging this for LAA yet as it’s still in snagging check time

Climb was very responsive and pulled up nicely … Started at around 800′ and started a straight runway overhead climb then a gentle climbing turn to stay close to the glide approach in cad anything went bang !


Part 3 of 3 – fly by at 800′ and then into the circuit to land

After around 2 mins I could see the cloud base was going to beat me and levelled off about 20′ below the base .. Made it a little bumpy and certainly cold .. Flew for a few more minutes straight and level and monitored temps and bits .. All looking ok

Called tower and opted for a large curving descent over the bay in st helier and then into a normal right hand circuit over St Aubins , St Brelade, Corbiere lighthouse and then a sneaky wing over to turn onto finals 08 !

Will check fuel burn as I have probably now dropped to the bottom of the top curve of the tank for the first time


Have noticed I have a small problem with the right brake again .. On investigation it’s the arm .. On full depression it starts to go under the cross bar .. Will need to adjust

This aircraft is just such a joy to fly 😀😀

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