Cool running

Following some great input and advice from Paul HS at TLAC and Danny’s feedback I re shaped the input holes and also scaled up the exit.

Having a long frustrating wait for both workload – which included a pop from Jersey to Fairoaks and back – such a friendly team at Fairoaks and so helpful .. Where else can you order a taxi 5 miles out ! … Workload AND weather ! Been pretty breezy in Jersey over recent weeks and just too much for early flights.

Friday 21st October .. Planned to finish work early and get up to the hangar … Of course that didn’t work and got stuck in meetings meaning I didn’t get up until pretty late. By the time I had the wings out and pegged (that’s getting easier each time as the pegs bed in) and then climbed aboard after the full walk around check .. Air Traffic advise me that it was 2 minutes to sunset !

It was certainly feeling cool and moist …

I used both carb heat elements on start up and this was pretty un eventful .. And sat .. Whilst negotiating a slot – which Jersey ATC give without hesitation ..

Outside temp was about 10′ so it would be interesting to see how long the engine oil temp takes to come up to 50′ .. Used to be about 5 mins .. Has now extended to 10 mins which is absolutely fine … But THIS evening I hadn’t got too long .. Don’t have lights (yet !)

Started the roll and it was def starting to look dark as the effect of 100’s of runway lights made the sky look pretty gloomy


Pulled away and straight up to 3,200 rpm … And all fine temp wise. Kept a fairly tight (bad weather) right hand circuit off 08 runway at Jersey which put me close to but south of tower… First touch and go .. Waited for tail to settle and speed to come down then up again … The oil temp was now settled at 90′ and stayed put all the way around , regardless of throttle .. HAPPY DAYS … As Paul says .. Don’t get cocky 😄 As if !

seriously though .. This means I can take the next steady step … And run a few more circuits like this and then plan for another over the runway power climb test .. See next blog entry …

On landing the tower very kindly said “Looking great” which is nice .. I then slowed her down and managed to mess up breaking again … Done this twice now .. So she suddenly starting heading left as I couldn’t get right breaking.. Managed a full ground loop .. Embarrassing but calm, settle .. Turn her around and get off the active runway back to base

image  image  image  image

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