Preparing for LAA full logged flight testing

After my  current tally of 5 hours flying and 25 take offs AND landings ! I have a few small snags to complete

  • An intermittent loose wire causing the Infinity engine monitor to trip out occasionally and immediately re boot .. It’s fine but disconcerting .. Prob just a bad crimp
  • Tailwheel flat spot – Now done
  • Front harness trim down to remove excess – plan to do the tests with ‘human payload’ to get up to weight as it’s more ‘useful’ than just weight
  • Re check tyre pressures
  • Re check engine oil – done every flight – but need to check overflows etc
  • Have re greased all wing bolts and fittings
  • Probably easier to get a Velcro stopwatch to help on timed climbs
  • Full ski gear underneath – if it’s going to be nearly 2 hours continuous it’s going to get cold !


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