Tailwheel replacement

During early taxi checks a couple of months ago I was trying to turn off the aero club ramp and almost back on myself up a short taxi strip to the grass parking – the angle was about 120′ so quite tight … The attached steerable tail wheel went as far as the cables would pull it but not far enough

The net effect was that the wheel skidded sideways and dragged across the Tarmac … Effectively flat spotting the hard rubber wheel.

I tried a heat gun to bring it out a bit back to its natural shape but it was too far gone.

Contacted Paul and Ivor at TLAC and ordered a replacement

This duly arrived last week so jacked up the rear .. Removed the old wheel which was pretty grubby by now but very nicely greased !


Noticed the new axle pin was somewhat larger diameter so drilled out the Tailwheel support mounts and de burred then greased the new one and in place. All in the space of 15 minutes

One thing I will need to do is add a nyloc or split pin for additional security.

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