January 2017 – Ignition – BINGO !

Well….BINGO …meaty the help of a couple of very good solid knowledgable friends .. Mike (Fleming) and Chris (Sparrow) we now have a truly neat and robust solution .. And tested it this evening …

The original location of the battery (front centre between the P2 legs !) was moved at LAA suggestion which was

  • Good – to remove any ballast at all as the aircraft came out spot on with the battery at the tail
  • Bad – as the cable run to the solenoid so was nearly 5m ! Which .. With a relatively small motorcycle battery turned out to be a real struggle

The solution .. Thank you Mike ! …. Was to reinstall the front battery .. It’s pretty much on the C of G and then wire them in parallel and then review ALL crimped connectors

Then around 1700 this evening mags off, fuel off, throttle set, turns brilliantly !!

Now just need to neaten all cable runs and angles and ensure all booted over joints … Then

GET FLYING AGAIN !!!! Feels like way too long … Good powered engine test first to ensure cooling is in good shape then power climb awaits along with unusual attitude and handling then LAA paperwork off



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