Cooling Update # – March 2017 – No 2 :-) plus some in flight testing

Right … that didn’t work ! still hot

2 more (cross country) circuits were planned but she was up to 115 by the time I got to finals on the first circuit so changed it ‘To Land’ .. getting lots of take off and landings in though ! – always look for the positive 🙂

Having seen the other examples I will remove the top duct rubber to allow the air to flow in above the new cooler matrix and then get the whole cowl touched up and repainted once tests prove ok.

Thanks to all for their kind input and advice …. makes it so much better 🙂


One other thing I did on this short test was to start to try the tests that Howard (Barber) had suggested … I did a nice wingover on departure into the circuit – which felt great … then downwind I let go of the controls .. fine .. then I pushed full left aileron and let go … just a gentle bob back into S and L ,…. then the same to the right .. such a joy to fly this aircraft ….

So, back on the ground and a hot engine .. 😦

Calls to Paul and Danny ensued over the following 24 hours

Bingo …. with input from Paul and Charles and Rool

Looks like the cooler i’m using is hopelessly undersized ! – Now I’ve thought back and this didn’t get delivered with the engine … I remember simply measuring the gap of where I planned to locate it .. ie the scoop under the belly and then buying one to fit. Not very scientific but I’m not sure I have seen a spec for a ‘standard’ size in the Jab manual.

It turns out that Danny and others have one that is around 300mm x 140mm x 40mm

Mine is 140mm x 90mm x 50mm – so probably about 25% the size of Danny’s !!

Danny kindly dug out his spec order number and I am now awaiting the shipping to Jersey – hopefully 48 hours

Rool had a neat idea of making a front shroud for the cooler .. protects and also acts as a gurney to create backdraft and suck the air out … so have a sheet of nice aero metal (thanks Graham CIAS) and that will go on after the next test.


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