Cooling update no 3 – March

After landing following the last hot running circuit I contacted Paul in Norfolk

Paul kindly got a couple of other builders with the same (Jabiru) engine .. Charles (UK) and Rool (Holland).

The cooler fittings looked very similar but, on checking the sizes and also getting some pictures from Danny B it was clear that my cooler size was hopelessly undersized.

I thought back to why I had sized the cooler the way I had … It was the thought that I wanted to try to fit it into the under belly scoop … This sent me down a route that left me with an oil cooler that was nearly 4 times too small …. My surface area was around 11,000 sq mm … Danny and Rools were over 45,000 sq mm !

Danny sent me a link to the one he bought and I ordered it that night .. Duly arrived 3 days later

Rubber grommets for anti vibration

Fitting it was fun as the lower cowl needed opening up a little more

Now to work out pipe new routing

Will have to do some lower cowl patching and filling before tidying up and then re spray

Ready for test run and then build a shroud to protect and shield the new radiator

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