Stall tests

After a couple of quick tests at stalling I thought I would setup a proper session and remember to turn the go pro on this time !

The weather was pretty rubbish but I had a 2000′ base and then a solid bank of cloud above. There was also broken bits of cloud lower around the North of the island and boy was it cold !

Powered up to just below the cloud base faced her into wind and partly closed the throttle .. now I probably left a bit of power on .. it’s still relatively early days and closing the throttle so far offshore over so much sea doesn’t really appeal 😉 anyway … she just didn’t want to stall.. in the end the stick was so far back hat it reached the stop and then she just floated on with an indicated airspeed of about 40 then about 35 !

By then… with the associated Northerly breeze AND the fact that I had started from the South I was getting a bit close to the 08/26 centre line of Jersey’s runway so broke off for a retry

The second one I did cross wind so I would run out of space but decided to be a bit more ‘manly’ with the throttle .. down to around 900 this time … I keep forgetting that the Jabiru spring loading on the throttle wants to keep it open so you have to tickle it down but hold it down, against the ‘return’ spring

This one did remind me of the old Stampe days where, through 100’s of these you get to know the characteristics and ‘feel’ braver or I guess just more experienced in how to handle things

Pulling back positively she slowed much quicker and, although I could have taken a few more RPM off she slowed nice and steadily and then just bobbed the nose .. I almost didn’t notice it it was so benign !

I did a few more and, with a bit more breeze up there managed to get 2 of them to fractionally drop a wing … again not something you want to overly push over the sea but she is just so so gentle .. minute move of the aileron and push forward NOT in that order and all is restored.


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