LAA paperwork

Time to collate all the figures and complete the paperwork for the Light Aviation Authority (LAA)

The LAA provide a series of checklists and forms that you need to complete so got the main form off to them early last week

Their super efficient office got back to me pretty much same day to advise that I had forgotten to send the original test authorization certificate. In all the business of test flying I’d forgotten about that one BUT had made absolutely sure that my local LAA examiner (Bob Wright) had authorized the continued testing so all was good and just needed to complete the update on what had happened since last test cert was issued

I also needed to complete a new worksheet to cover those small changes since the last certificate was issued namely,

  • Increased oil cooler size
  • Additional battery added
  • New tailwheel

Forms duly done I checked the LAA office advice and they also require a completed Avionics checklist

This needed me to confirm that the Trig radio ( TY91) and Transponder (TT21) all operated to prescribed specification AND at a range of 20nm

Now,on an island 9 x 5 miles that’s quite tricky  and also trying to go out the LAA note on NOT operating more than 25 miles from your start base under testing …

This meant that a hope to Guernsey was the best way to do all this

Two flight plans were duly setup in SkyDemon using ZZZZ as the aircraft type and then using the ‘TYP/’ code to state it as a Sherwood Ranger.

The 21 miles to Guernsey that I have flown so so many times in a PA28 suddenly looked like a lot of water away !

Having spoken with the great team at Jersey Air Traffic I advised them it was a final radio test and could I have 2000′ and also switch frequency early .. they switched me from Jersey tower 119.45 to Guernsey Approach 128.65 almost on take off .. so test done !

Still well worth the trip over to the other island  though and great service from my friends in ASG over there

Nice touch as I taxied out for the return when the crash crew drove their land rover up alongside and jumped out to take a picture !

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