March already and still pants weather

Been hoping that better weather arrives soon .. have managed a couple of short local nips around the island and, best of all, have established a ‘usual starter’ of 2-3 bad weather circuits to start off with each time.

This means that I can get a take off and landing inside about 3 minutes ! Better than the usual 15-20 with the odd ‘position behind the A320 Airbus, recommended distance 5 miles’ which sort of elongates the touch and go’s somewhat

Still Jersey ATC are brilliant and very accommodating and so my now usual very close circuits (inside the airfield perimeter) mean I keep my landing training levels high .. already done around 78 landings since start

Finally .. with Spring allegedly approaching .. I managed to get her airborne before work .. a pull out of the hanger just after 7 and then started first touch in the cold cold morning.

Had planned about 60 mins but had to curtail when the radio went offline downwind ! I’ve had this once before and narrowed it down to a bad crimp … have commented earlier on this .. guess what .. found another similar bad crimp .. may re do the whole panel in the summer !

Duly located, photographed for evidence and sharing my slip up ! And then man handled the loom and couldn’t get it to go offline again

Graham, my (real) engineer cohort reminded me that pretty much every commercially built light aircraft has a radio master override .. ie battery to switch to fuse to radio … have a switch and just ordered another 5A fuse from LAS so will fit that as ultimate fallback

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