It’s not over until it’s in the hanger – with the covers on

Great day flying today … very calm start but low cloud so delayed until after lunch to get airborne

Temp much warmer than last time so started at the touch of a button and ran very smoothly

Did a load of close bad weather circuits with lovely variations of touch and go’s … got high on one approach so tried the old Stampe crossed controls and side slipped off the excess ..

Then a couple of normal (15 min circuits) followed by a head off for ‘round the island

Heading off to the South East (training) area I climbed to just over 1,400’ and then did some nice steep turns and figure of eights and some stalls and dives ..

Back along the top of the island and then back into the circuit with some great landing practices slotting in between the commercial traffic

Eventually .. and mainly because even my 4 layers weren’t keeping me warm enough – certainly in the foot area ! .. anyway .. decided to land .. 1 hour 30 and around 8 landings in

Fuelled up and went to put her away and thought no .. fire up again … good to practice hot start technique on the jabiru 2200 … no choke … and slight open throttle .. fired at the first touch and ticked over beautifully

Then out again for a couple of close circuits … reduced to one as an Embraer from Flybe was on 8 mile final … so made a normal and touch and go off that and then into what I callled as my last circuit

Doh ….

Maybe I was distracted .. maybe the cross wind had got up a smidgen … but I def rounded out too fast ….

Touchdown was fine and smooth but it was obvious I was too fast and I should have gone around

Trying to get the tail down the port wing lifted – into the now slightly stronger cross wind, right wing went down ,. Scrape … at this point you are a passenger and can only steer a bit with your feet.

Left the runway onto the grass .. pulled the throttle right back and stopped the engine .. stick full back … and came to a calm standstill .. just short of the PAPI s

Tower calmly asked if I needed assistance … started first touch and my nice big tyres let me drive her around and off and back onto the runway .. quite a step up to it .. so took it very steadily …

Was accompanied back by the fire crew ! Inspected runway and only a green scrape mark .. brushed the bottom of the aileron and left a smooth mark of about 3” diameter …

lesson learned … get your speed down on round out !


A very good friend of mine once said ..”It’s not over until it’s back in the hanger with the covers on”

RIP Capn Greg Graham

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