The value of pre flight check detail

So .. after my last little off – too fast and part wing lift to then leave the runway .. I went to fly again this weekend as we finally got a lovely cool sunny relatively calm morning

My youngest, Sam, was very keen to come down and have a catch up fly so I popped down early to get it setup and ready

As I crawled under the starboard wind I spotted that the outer aileron hinge mount was scraped ..on checking it looked like it had shaved off about 5mm of the lower love of the bracket

I decided that this effectively grounded the aircraft until I had removed the aileron to check further

Sam and I removed the lower aileron in about 5 minutes and could then see both the wing mounted hinge bracket and the aileron mounted end bracket had both been shaved down a little thereby reducing the tolerance of the hinge at the bolt center point

I sent Paul at TLAC a copy of the pics and we agreed it would need two new parts .. Ivor emailed me next day – parts were in the post and should be here (Jersey) in around 36 hours ! Great service guys

I reckon it will take around 2-3 hours to repair .. careful slit of the Oratex underside of the aileron and drill out the rivets … need to sweat the aileron central shaft off the Loctite 246 fixed end plate




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  1. Hi David A sacrificial extension of the wing / ailerons mount bracket might be a good idea, a bit like the old timers wing tip skid, gives something to take the damage away from the critical area, not being part of the hinge plate itself, should prevent lock up in event of grounding. Hope you’re back in the air soon. Kind Regards Nigel

    1. Many thanks Nigel for your feedback .. it’s always nice to hear back from people 😉
      I had thought of putting a small alloy skid on the tip the last time it happened but decided against it as it only took a small amount of surface paint from the underside of the tip.
      For the exact reasons you say, I discussed with Paul yesterday, and he is kindly popping a small piece of nylon type block (Delrin) that I can shape and fit to protect those important elements.
      Should be airborne by the weekend if the weather smiles favourably

      Many thanks again for your useful feedback most appreciated

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