Master switch

I have had a niggling problem with the master switch which very occasionally seems to lose connectivity but, using the standby bypass works fine if this ever happens airborne.

I had ordered a nice new quality switch from LAS and, last Sunday, when it was F7 forecast and generally rubbish outside set about removing the old one .. investigating it and it’s connections and putting the new one in place , re using the red cover flap.

It turned out to be a really easy fix and the old switch which I def feel was suspect felt nothing like the quality positivity of the new switch … you do pay more for anything aviation but you can soon feel the difference.

Took about 30mins to replace and test

Now I look at these photos quite critically and I MUST get the rivnut gun out and replace those cleco panel insets with nice stainless blind Allen bolts ! 50 hour is up in 2 more engine hours so a list will be added to 😉

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