Pre prep Air Display 2018

Last weekend I managed to get away from work for a while and ran a nice 1 hour 30 min test flight to checkout the 50 Hour service … ran a dream .. took her up to the South East corner of the island up to around 2,500 feet in a nice slow gentle climb

All temps and pressures absolutely fine .. lots of holds at various parts of the island as it was a really busy day on Saturday .. thing is I don’t mind the holds, which most do, as it gives me an excuse to do lots of figures of 8’s .. make sure I fly through the ‘start’ propwash which means it should be a nice circular shape. The first time you do that it’s quite a shock .. remember doing it in the Stampe and thought something had fallen off as I got a big kick in the wash

A couple of slightly crosswind landings so all good practice …

On the Sunday I took a great friend who I had been on many bike track days with .. a super engineer at heart .. so knew he would get a kick out of it … he flew some lovely steep turns and super straight and level … and some nice hands off to Show it’s nicely balanced even two up

Another good wash and hose down to get some of the grime off ..

Also, cleaned and re-greased all hinges and tail wheel fittings

Will need to get in an under seat to grease yokes and joysticks and also clean floor bits.

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