Rotor arms check

As we don’t have more than 1 Jabiru on the island I searched through a raft of web sites and blogs and channels last night to locate information about the rotor arms and cap.

It was clear that the arms need to have a spot of araldite to ensure they stay securely on the drive shafts and some random comments about use of cotton ?

In the end, I saw a couple of posts on the LAA website from Gary Cotterell and quick check of the LAA website provided his mobile number.

About 2 minutes after texting Gary I had years worth of experience at my fingertips and some sound advice on next steps. Looks like it may just be the tight fitting and old glue bits … a quick clean up with a degreasing spray and then a spot of araldite and then I can ground test.

Gary did note that you don’t have to change them if they aren’t loose. They were pretty rock solid so will not for next time. I was using my old old MGB Roadster knowledge of change cap = change arm, so you don’t introduce gap sparking

Always something to learn and shows you need to keep your eyes open for the expected AND the unexpected !

Many thanks Gary … much appreciated 🙂

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