Recent flying with the boys

I haven’t put many posts in recently .. partly due to pretty rubbish weather we have been having down here … thick thick fog and then F8 winds and often .. both together !

But .. been squeezing in the odd nip out here and there when I can … 

Sam does take a great photo … he has a brilliant eye for what would make a good shot …

The shot Sam took .. leaning out at arms length was just after he had flown a beautiful flat circle …wingover to start and around … ended up flying through his own wash .. which he hadn’t experienced before. I remember the first time I did it in the Stampe ..on entry to a loop … you get quite a kick if you come back through.

Roll on the marque getting full aero approval .. I know Paul is pushing as much as he can and I look forward .. well sort of ., to the first loop or slow roll 😊🙃

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