20-22 Down the runway

So last week .. Saturday was fog so thick you couldn’t see your hand in front of you … commercial stuff was going here there and everywhere .. EXCEPT here ! 

Then Sunday broke … fog gone .. yippee … but .. 15+ down the runway 080 ish 

By that time the pup had been walked it was getting up to 18, 19 but still pretty much down the track .. taxiing would be fun as 08 is a long mile plus taxy to the end of the runway 

Tied off the front harness as I was solo and taxied out … it was now up to around 20 … I used the carb heats for the first time as it as really cold … gave me a really high EGT for some reason .. need to check that .. EGT fine once the carb heat was turned off

Then was asked be ready immediate as they were squeezing me out before a landing Airbus .. handy or I would have to wait a bit … 

Take off was instant .. I don even remember the tail lifting .. she just went straight up like a Harrier ! pushed forward a bit so at least I got some forward movement .. then a slightly early turn to clear the centre line as requested

The first landing was great fun .. pretty choppy over the 08 approach in wind so kept the power on but with the 20+ headwind now she felt almost stationary … I now had a full waiting ‘audience’ of a departing easyJet holding at the threshold … no pressure 

As I cleared the cliff edge I eased back the throttle and took up the Harrier style VTOL approach … almost stopped dead on touchdown …great 😉 

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