Sunday morning cloud chasing

Lovely Sunday winter cloud base … cold but oh so nice

This has to be one of my favourite flights to date …

The forecast was giving a relatively calm morning turning to 20-27 plus in showers … a delayed morning .. doing household bits meant it was going to be tight

Fuelled was there when I pulled out so another delay as I took the opportunity to fill up whilst he was there … as I was one up I could pretty much fill the tank giving me options to dawdle if needed once up

Even though it was quite cold the engine started pretty much first touch, warmed up in around 6-7 mins so I started the mile long taxy aiming to get to 50’ oil temp by the holding point. Dead on 50’ as I applied the brake and power checked and then off. The go pro later showed I was airborne in around 10 mins from startup 

Using runway 08 .. pulled up and right after take off and recreated through 1,000 to not above 2,000 … forecast was BKN at 1,400 .. just what I was hoping .. a chance to top out above clouds BUT not too high for poss icing 

The cloud breakup was just amazing and superb light … a few turns around then through, then bank above and peel away .. then some nice waggles in and around … just amazing fun …

After about 15 mins your feet really start to feel the cold … so it’s time to call for rejoin ! ☃️🛬😎

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