Landing focus

With the various ‘versions’ of weather we have had over recent weeks I’m going to do some clips of different landings …now Sam has shown me how to clip the videos … 

Some are ok .. some I can learn from 😁

First one .. Two up and just rounding out with a bit of cross wind surprising me as I pass the lee of the aeroclub .. so quite a bit of late aileron 

Second one … one up … nice calm conditions and steady approach to a touch and go 

Third one .. Bad weather (close) 3 min circuit .. BUT .. messed up the round out and approached too quickly … so you see she lands and then the starboard wing tip just starts to lift .. settles … then does it again … just to prove .. It ain’t all over ‘til it’s in the hanger with the covers on !!! 

Fourth one .. which was actually my FIRST ever landing in the Sherwood on grass 

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